Top 10 in Africa



Unlike it’s famous but noisy and touristic neighbor, Zanzibar, Pemba Island is a truly remote and pristine destination. The mosaic of forests, swamps, mangroves, hidden beaches and lagoons, arranged with the ruins of mosques and tombs hidden by the forest, has a feeling of savageness and authenticity that has completely abandoned Zanzibar. Paradise beaches, transparent sea, spectacular deep-water drop offs are all on offer, as well as swimming with dolphins or going to see the whales if you’re there at the right time of year!



What can be more adventurous than hiking up the world’s tallest free standing mountain? It is a 6 day trek to conquer the 5896m peak of the dormant Volcano, passed natural waterfalls and till the snow caped summit. Experience one of the world’s greatest outdoor challenges! And it’s feasible even for beginners.



Tsingy has one of the world’s most surprising and ravishing landscapes. Its rare and remarkable features are of exceptional beauty: when shades of the green forest hit the cathedral like limestone peaks, a metallic reflection shines up creating the most spectacular effect.  Wonder around the practically impenetrable labyrinth of limestone and arrive in the gorge of the Manabolo River, for a stunning sight of the canyon beneath. The peacefulness and grandness of this undisturbed forest and mangrove swamps, home to the endangered lemurs, will be unforgettable. 



This unique geological feature is an absolutely magical sight with a breathtaking view from the top as well as an impressive place for game drives. The game park, within the escarpment of the 20 km diameter caldera crater created by the implosion of a huge volcano, is a miniature world with concentrated wildlife. A must see if you go past Tanzania!


OKAVANGO, Botswana

Botswana has the most pristine and highest quality safaris in Africa, and Okavango, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, is the country’s ultimate destination. Okavango Delta is the largest inland delta in the world and is an amazing sight. The water arrives in dry season, between May and July, because of the time it takes for it to come down from the highlands 500 km away. In this period of time you will get to experience the largest mammal migration on the planet, but also the best quality and most divers game viewing in Africa. With this, you benefit from a truly amazing isolation, with an average of 1 guest per 42 square kilometers.



The Volcano National Park in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda is THE place to go for tracking the majestic mountain gorillas. With more than 300 gorillas out of the 700 left in the wild, the park is a unique opportunity to get close to these absolutely fascinating and imposing creatures, but it also has stunning scenery. The dense forest will give you a totally new sense of wilderness than in the rest of Africa, cut in two by a chain seven volcano peaks.



Sossusvlei is known for being the oldest desert in the world and for the amazing red and orange color of the dunes that contrast with blue sky, making it the most incredible spot for pictures. It also has amongst the highest dunes in the world: climbing to the top of the 385m Big Daddy dune is well worth every bead of sweat, for the sunrise from there is simply breathtaking. And seeing the desert from a flying safari plain is definitely one of the most spectacular sights you can get in Africa.



The Serengeti is best known for the Great Migration when two million animals to run through the region from October to January and also for its very many resident lions – around 2000. Unlike other parts of the Great Migration route, there is surprisingly low visitor traffic, making it possible to get more of the real Out Of Africa experience. The sense of vastness that comes from the never ending plains simply blows you away. Live an exclusive safari in one of the finest game parks of Africa!


VICTORIA FALLS, Zimbabwe / Zambia

Victoria Fall is one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World and the largest show of its kind on earth. The stunning feeling of omnipotence that comes from these 9 million liters of water crashing down into the Batoka Gorge is unforgettable. The place is also called the “Adrenaline capital of southern Africa” for the many adventure activities that can be done, from bungee jumping off the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia to rafting in the rapids.



When you dream of wild Africa, it’s probably the Mara you’re visualizing: this northern extension of the Serengeti and part of the Great Migration route is the definite African cliché – but here reality lives up to the image. Studded with acacia trees, the rolling savannas of the Mara have one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the world with millions of wildebeest, along with zebras, giraffes, elephants that pass by every year, attracting predators with them. It is the ultimate safari experience.